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How can I promote my Superpeer 1:1 services?
How can I promote my Superpeer 1:1 services?

Tips and strategies for promoting your services beyond the Superpeer platform.

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There are many ways you can let your followers know about your Superpeer profile, depending on what you do and where you interact with them. Here are a few ideas.

Announce your Superpeer profile on social channels

Share your offerings in a post, or include your Superpeer link in your social media profile or bio.

Tip: Profiles that clearly explain what you are offering and include a video are much more likely to get bookings.

Add Superpeer to your website

Include your Superpeer link along with your other social media links or as part of a Contact Me page. Check out our brand assets page to get copies of Superpeer's logo.

You can also embed your Superpeer profile or a specific service using a Superpeer Widget! Check out our widgets page for more information.

Mention Superpeer in your video content

If you're a video content creator, you can add that you’re hosting calls or streams on Superpeer to point your subscribers to another way to learn from you. Add your Superpeer link to your video’s description, and point to it in the intro or outro of your video.

Host a free livestream to generate new leads for paid calls

You can use Superpeer's new Livestream service to introduce your followers to Superpeer and give them a preview of what they might expect if they pay for a 1:1 call with you.

Include your Superpeer link wherever you share contact information

If you're always meeting or emailing potential clients, sharing your Superpeer link in your email footer or electronic business card is a great way to let them know about what you offer.

Tip: Make sure to update your availability settings, connect your Google Calendar, and enable phone notifications so you'll never miss a call!

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