At Superpeer, you choose your own rate and there are no hidden fees.

How can I determine an appropriate rate?

Your call and channel subscription prices are entirely up to you and can be based on your industry, level of experience, what services you are offering, or any number of other factors.

If you aren't sure what to charge, email us at [email protected] or click on the blue circle in the bottom right corner. We can check out what similar Superpeers are charging so you can feel confident in your pricing.

How am I paid?

48 hours after you've completed a call, and immediately after you've received a channel subscription payment, your payment will be added to the balance in your payout dashboard. You can then withdraw your balance at any time.

To learn about payment processing times, check out the article Why does my payment show as pending?

To learn more about Superpeer's fees, check out the article What are Superpeer's Fees?

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