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What is Superpeer and how does it work?
What is Superpeer and how does it work?
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Superpeer is a booking platform powered by Skillshare where you can book 1:1 video calls and attend livestreams with the world’s best experts, influencers, and professionals - Superpeers!

For a fee, you can connect directly with the influential people you’ve been following: ask a question, get a second opinion or advice, or just have an inspiring conversation. Superpeers, meanwhile, get paid for their time, so that they can support their passion.

We started Superpeer to give anyone easy access to expert knowledge, which is often hidden behind sales pitches, university walls, and in corporate offices. We want everyone to be able to learn, get a second opinion, or specialized insights from different industries.

To learn more or to find the right Superpeer mentor for you, check out this article!

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