We built Brand Networks for brands, organizations, and communities that want to manage a network of individual Superpeers. You can manage your network from a single brand account, streamline reporting, and automatically split revenue, and very soon- host streams, and acquire subscribers to your brand network!

If you're managing a group of consultants, or have multiple people in your team who will provide services via Superpeer, this solution is for you.

Let’s say you have a beauty website that gets a million unique visits a month. Maybe .5% of those visitors could use some help from a beauty professional and would be willing to pay $25 for a 15-minute call. That’s 50k calls and $15 million in annual revenue! With a brand-network, you can now capture this new revenue, and share with your network of Superpeers!

How does it work?

First, you need to request a brand network account, and -- once approved, provide basic information about your company or community. After that, start adding people to your network in your brand account. You can invite existing Superpeers, or anyone without an account -- we will take them through the set-up.

How do I share revenue?

When you invite a Superpeer to your network, you decide on how revenue is shared. We will automatically split revenue after each call according to your settings, and store the balance in your respective accounts. When ready, connect your bank account, and withdraw your account balance. You can change the revenue percentage split at any time.

The revenue share is completely up to you and each Superpeer in your network. If your brand is generating a lot of calls for your network, it allows for higher revenue per member, and industry-standard these days is about 30–50%.

What does it look like?

There are two options as to where to host your brand network:

  • If you want maximum control over how your network is displayed, you can host it on your website. Once you invite your Superpeers, they will each have their unique link, using those links you can create a section on your website or application. No deep integration is needed, we will take it from there and take care of reschedulings, cancellations, refunds and transfers. See an example from Product Hunt:

  • If you want a zero-development option, very soon you will be able to host your network directly on Superpeer. Your brand network profile page will list all the active Superpeers in your network, as well as your streams should you choose to host them.

What types of networks can I create?

We are building different features that let you create a network set-up that meets your needs:

  • Public network - anyone can book a free or paid call with a Superpeer in your network.

  • Private network - users will apply to get access to your network. Once you approve them, they will be able to see your content, and book calls with your members.

  • Subscription network - users can buy monthly or annual subscriptions to access your network of Superpeers and streams. Calls and streams can be free or further monetized.

Who can I invite?

Brand networks are open to users in 65 countries. All you and your network members need is a local bank account.

Ready to apply?

If you have a community, a service, or a brand, and would like to create your own Superpeer Brand Network, then request your network account, and we will be in touch shortly. Have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected].

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