Joining a stream

Starting a stream is as easy as joining a Superpeer 1:1 call. Just navigate to Streams > Scheduled tab in your dashboard, and click "Start".

You can join the livestream 30 minutes before your stream's scheduled start time.

First, you will be taken to the waiting room where you can select your camera and microphone preferences, and test sound. Click "Join" to enter the stream environment. Once you enter the stream, you are not yet live.

In this mode, you can see the viewers joining your stream (click the "Participants" tab to see details about your audience). You can also chat with your viewers.

Did you know...

Attendance rates of around 50% are standard for free events. So, if you have 50 people registered for your stream, expect around 25 to show up to the live event. If you have more than 50%, your audience is truly engaged 🚀!

Invite speakers to your stream

Inviting speakers to your stream is as easy as having a Superpeer call. Click the "info" button (to the right of the Superpeer logo in the bottom control panel), copy the link, and share it with the people you want to invite. You can invite speakers at any point of your stream, before or after you go live.

Once they join your stream, they will have their camera and microphone on and will be visible to your viewers. Therefore, don't share this link publicly.

Do not copy and share your URL -- this link is only for you as the host.

If you want to invite people to join your stream as viewers, share the stream registration page URL with them -- the one that was created when you scheduled your event.

Right now, you can have up to 6 additional guests simultaneously on your stream.

Very soon, you will be able to invite speakers while scheduling a stream.

Go live

Once you're ready to go live, and start the stream for your viewers, press the "Go live" button in the bottom control panel. There is also a notification in the top right corner to go live. At this point, your viewers will be able to see you and your guest speakers.

End stream

To end your stream, click on the red "Live" button in the bottom control panel again, and your stream will end for your viewers. You can still continue talking to all of your guest speakers.

You decide when you want to end the stream. You can always go over your scheduled time (we will not cut it off automatically), or finish it earlier if you wish.

Things you can do on a stream

Invite a viewer to speak

This feature lets you invite anyone from the audience to join your stream as a speaker and participate in the conversation, ask a question live, or even share their screen. You can convert anyone from a viewer to a speaker at any time, and similarly convert them back to a viewer once they have finished. To invite them to become a speaker, just click on their name in the participant tab or chat, and select "Invite to speak".

They will see a pop-up invitation to join you on the stream, which they can accept or decline. It can take ~30 seconds for them to join.

To send them back to the audience, simply click on their name in the participant list, and select "Remove from speakers".

Screen sharing

As with a 1:1 Superpeer call, your viewers will be able to see your screen when you click the screen sharing button.

For maximum control, use the Chrome browser for streaming, which gives you the flexibility to share a full screen, application screen, or even a separate Chrome tab. Safari allows you to share a full screen only.

Chat moderation

In rare cases when there's someone misbehaving in chat, you can block this person, by right-clicking on their name from the Chat or Participants tab, and select "Block".

Their chat messages will become invisible to all stream participants, speakers, and of course, you. You can unblock them at any time from the Participants tab -- just scroll all the way down to the "Blocked" section.

Note on OBS

Currently, Superpeer does not support OBS as a video input source. You can however use any camera, and some apps to achieve excellent video quality. We at Superpeer love Camo - an app that lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam.

Missing a feature?

If there's a feature you would love to see on Superpeer -- let us know at [email protected]! We have a very exciting roadmap, to bring you the most engaging and simple livestream experience, and we would love to hear from you!

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