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FAQ for Superpeer Hosts
What are Superpeer Livestreams?
What are Superpeer Livestreams?

Everything you need to know about the new way to connect with your followers.

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We recently announced Superpeer Streams! Now, on top of 1:1 calls, you will also be able to host free or paid livestreams and earn monthly recurring revenue through your subscribers.

What are Superpeer Livestreams?

Using Superpeer livestreams, you can broadcast your podcast/ted talk/tutorial/AMA to a group of your most enthusiastic followers.

Livestream Features

  • No App to Download: Superpeer livestreams works right in your browser, on any device with a stable internet connection.

  • Unique URL: every Superpeer livestream has its own landing page with everything your audience needs to learn about and register for your livestream.

  • Unlimited Audience: there's no limit to the number of audience members who can attend your livestream.

  • Co-Hosting: you can host your livestream by yourself or with up to 6 co-hosts.

  • Screen Sharing: you and your co-hosts are all able to share your screens.

  • Live Chat: You and your audience can interact in the live-chat. If any comment receives 5 or more likes in 15 seconds the comment will appear in the corner of the main livestream video.

  • Invite your Audience on Stage: Invite any audience member to the virtual stage by selecting their name in the Participants tab or in the Chat and click "invite to speak". Send them back to the audience whenever you like by selecting "remove from speakers".

  • Chat Moderation: In rare cases when there's someone misbehaving in chat, you can block this person by right-clicking on their name from the Chat or Participants tab, and select "Block". Their chat messages will become invisible to all stream participants, speakers, and of course, you. You can unblock them at any time from the Participants tab -- just scroll all the way down to the "Blocked" section.

  • Video Recording: Superpeer gives you the option of recording your livestreams to make cross-platform posting easy.

Mentioning a participant in the Live Chat

When hosting a Livestream, you may want to mention a participant or audience member in the chat.

To mention someone, simply type the @ symbol into the chat and type in their name.

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