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Information about end-of-year tax forms for Superpeer hosts

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Should I expect to receive a tax form from Superpeer?

Depending on your account activity, your taxpayer status, and other factors, you may receive a tax form from Superpeer.

We encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income from Superpeer.

Superpeer expects to issue tax forms to the following categories of persons:

  • US residents who have earned over $20,000 and have had 200+ transactions

  • MA or VT state residents who have earned over $600

  • Non US-residents who have submitted a W-8ben form to us

US persons who have earned over $20,000 and had 200+ transactions

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires US companies that process payments, including Superpeer, to report gross earnings for all US users who earn over $20,000 and have 200+ transactions in the calendar year. If you exceed both IRS thresholds in a calendar year, Superpeer will issue you a Form 1099-K.

Transactions refer to Superpeer balance withdrawals as reflected on your bank statement.

Superpeer hosts in taxable states of MA and VT

The state reporting threshold is lower than the IRS threshold of $20,000 and 200 transactions.

Both MA and VT have an information reporting requirement where gross earnings exceed $600. Gross earnings above $600 are not reportable to the IRS because it's below the federal reporting threshold of $20K and 200 transactions, but is reportable to the state because it's above the state threshold of $600. If you have met the state threshold, you’ll receive a printed form that has been filed with your respective state.

Delivery of Form 1099-K

Any Form 1099-K issued to you will be available in your Payout tab. You'll receive an email notification when your form is ready, typically in late January of each year. We also mail a copy to the address you provided along with your bank information. You may receive more than one Form 1099-K if your taxpayer information is listed on multiple Superpeer accounts.

Non-US persons who have submitted a Form W-8

We do not automatically provide tax forms for non-US hosts. If you submit a Form W-8Ben by emailing us at [email protected], we will provide a Form 1042-S.

Delivery of Form 1042-S

You'll receive a Form 1042-S in the mail at the address you entered when you submitted your bank information, typically in late February of each year. The IRS requires that we mail Form 1042-S by the end of March.

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