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FAQ for Superpeer Hosts
Check-list for guest speakers and co-hosts
Check-list for guest speakers and co-hosts

What you need to know when you are invited to speak on a stream

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You've been invited as a guest speaker or co-host to a Superpeer stream? We made it super easy for you to join other people's broadcasts. Here are a few tips to be fully prepared:

1. Join 10 minutes before the start time ⏰

Click on the link in your invitation email, or one shared with you, to join backstage. Don't worry, you won't be live right away -- the host will start the stream manually when everything is ready -- and it will give you time to meet other speakers, set up, and go through any logistics with the host.

2. Check that you have a compatible browser πŸ–₯

You don't need any additional software or apps to use Superpeer. We recommend Chrome! Read more here.

3. Make sure you have good internet connectionπŸ“‘

Generally, the minimum requirements for effective video calls is 8 Mbps download / 1.5 Mbps upload. You can test your speed using services like

4. Find a quiet place, and use your best headphones 🎧

Most headphones have a better microphone than your computer. While you're not always in control of your environment, try to find a quiet place, and consider muting yourself when you're not talking to minimize background noise. You will be able to test your video and audio before you join a Superpeer stream.

5. Ask your host to do a dry run πŸƒπŸ½

If you would like to know exactly what to expect during the stream.

6. A few things you can do to look your best on video 😎

  • Keep a light source in front of you, not behind - facing toward the window, or another source of light on your call will guarantee that you are always in focus.

  • Totally optional, for advanced video quality, use external web camera (including DSLR), or apps like Camo, which lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a pro camera. When you're joining the stream, you can select camera and microphone you'd like to use on the stream.

  • Raise your camera head-on and on eye level - this simple trick makes a world of a difference. Simply raising your laptop will give you the most flattering angle, and you will look your best. There are a million options for laptop stands and tripods on the market, but a few books from your shelf will work just as well.

I've been invited as a Co-Host, what does this mean?

As a co-host, in addition to being a guest speaker, you can help moderate the discussion and participants!

Here are a couple things you can do as a co-host:

Pretty easy, right? We hope you enjoy you stream!

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