Are you invited to co-host an event with someone? Read about the role below, and see our additional check-list to know what to expect!

Co-host feature lets the event host assign someone to host a stream together. It's great if you want to co-lead the event with more people, or need help moderating your event. You can assign a co-host when you're scheduling a stream, and edit the role any time.

There is no limit as to how many co-host you can assign, but keep in mind that you can host up to 6 additional guests at a time. You can have more guests / co-hosts join your event after some of the earlier guests have left.

Co-host can:

  • invite more speakers, including viewers from the audience

  • moderate participants by blocking their messages on chat

  • appear on the event page

Co-host cannot:

  • Assign other co-hosts

  • Start the stream (Go live)

  • End the stream

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