We created Brand Networks for companies and communities who want to use the Superpeer platform to provide 1:1 services, to consolidate marketing, reporting, and accounting. Learn more about Brand Networks here.

How to join a network if you don't have a personal Superpeer account

To join the brand network as a member, if you are not yet on Superpeer, do the following:

1. Check your email - once the administrator has added you to their network, you'll receive an email. Hit the "Create account" button.

2. Follow our step-by-step onboarding to create your Superpeer account. A few things to note:

  • It may be a good idea to check formatting preferences for your username (which will become your profile URL) with your network administrator.

  • When setting up your call prices, you will see a final, total price that will be charged to bookers. Depending on your revenue split with the network, you might get less per each call. So if you choose $100 and your brand network shares 80% with you, you will receive $80. You can change this price at any time in the Profile section of your dashboard.

3. Navigate to your Memberships tab, and hit "Accept" to join the Brand Network.

If you already have a Superpeer account

You can join a brand network with your existing Superpeer account. Ask your brand network administrator to add you using the email connected to your Superpeer account.

Once you are invited, navigate to a new Memberships tab in your account. You will see an invitation from the network. Simply hit "Accept", and you're done!


Q: Can I still use my personal Superpeer account when I join a network?

A: Yes, you can! You always have your personal account, where you can take your personal calls. These calls will not have revenue split applied, and will not be visible to your brand network admin. You can access your profile at superpeer.com/your_username.

Q: How do you know which calls are coming through the network?

A: Network calls are the ones booked through your network profile at superpeer.com/network_name/your_username.

Q: Can I create services specific to the Network?

A: Not yet, but we are working on it, and soon you will be able to create services that will only be visible on your network public profile. For now, all services you create in your dashboard are visible in both.

Q: Can I change the price of my services or revenue split?

A: You are in full control of the price for your calls (change it in your Profile tab any time), but revenue split can only be edited only by your network admin.

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