Superpeer makes it very easy to invite anyone from the audience to join your stream as a speaker. Use it, if you want your audience to:

  • ask a live question,

  • participate in a conversation, or

  • share their screen

Invite a viewer to speak

You can convert anyone from a viewer to a speaker at any time during the stream, and similarly convert them back to a viewer once they have finished. To invite them to become a speaker, just click on their name in the participant tab or chat, and select "Invite to speak".

They will see a pop-up invitation to join you on the stream, which they can accept or decline.

If they accept, it can take up to 30 seconds for them to join.

To send them back to the audience, simply click on their name in the participant list, and select "Remove from speakers".

Remember, you should avoid having more than 6 additional speakers on your livestream. If you want to invite more guests, make sure they join at different times.

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