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Receive recurring revenue though channel subscriptions

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You can now offer paid subscriptions to your Superpeer channel and start earning recurring monthly revenue!

What are Channel Subscriptions?

Your followers can now help support you through free and paid channel subscriptions. By clicking the "Subscribe" button on your Superpeer profile page, they will have up to 4 options at price points that you choose.

Subscribing to your channel gives your followers exclusive access to your livestream events and notifies them first whenever you have planned a new livestream.

How to set up Channel Subscriptions

In your Superpeer dashboard, go to Subscriptions -> Settings

Here you can choose up to 3 paid subscription options and set each price point.

Free subscription option is available by default. It allows your followers to be notified of the public streams you are hosting.

What are the fees?

A 10% platform fee applies to all paid channel subscriptions, which is deducted from your revenue. For more information about Superpeer's fees, check out this article.

How can I build my audience of paid subscribers?

The best practice is to build up your audience, before turning on monetization. Conversion from free to paid subscriptions is normally around 10%. So, if you have 1000 free subscribers on your channel, assume that ~100 will start paying when you introduce paid subscriptions.

We recommend offering content to your free subscribers to get your followers excited about your channel, then, over time, you can convert them to paid subscriptions, offering more exclusive content.

Want to know more? Check our our blog post!

What content will my paid channel subscribers get?

When scheduling a livestream, you can choose to make your stream only available to your paid subscribers.

If a free subscriber wants to register for a "paid subscriber only" livestream, they will need to upgrade their channel subscription.

To learn more about scheduling livestreams, check out this article!

Can I offer 1:1 services exclusively to my subscribers?

Yes! This is also a great way to build your Superpeer channel. Check out this article to learn more about setting up 1:1 services for your paid subscribers.

How do I receive my channel subscription payouts?

We will automatically bill your subscribers every month or year, depending on their subscription. You will see all payments in the payout section of your Superpeer dashboard (minus transaction and platform fees). You can then withdraw your payout whenever you like.

To learn more about channel subscription payouts, check out our FAQ article.

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