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What are Superpeer User Accounts?
What are Superpeer User Accounts?

How to use my account to manage my calls and subscriptions.

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When you book a call with a Superpeer, or subscribe to their channel, a user account is automatically created for you.

How can I access my user account?

When you go to you can log in to your user account by clicking "Go to Dashboard". Superpeer logs you in automatically.

What can I do with my user account?

User accounts let you manage all of your bookings, subscriptions and much more right from your dashboard. Now you won't need to search for an email you received last month if you want to change your booking.


From your Calls menu, you can view and manage all upcoming and past calls including rescheduling or cancelling.


From the Streams menu, you can see all of the future streams you've registered for and you can join the stream when the time comes.


From the Subscriptions menu, you can view and manage all of your subscriptions. To change one of your subscriptions, click the "..." menu button and from there you can manage your subscription.

To learn more about channel subscriptions, check out our article about how to subscribe to a Superpeer's channel.

Can I upgrade my user account to a Superpeer host account?

Absolutely! Check out our article about Who can become a Superpeer to make sure you qualify, then go to the "Profile" section in your dashboard.

From here you can ask to upgrade your account by requesting an invite.

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