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How to add custom booking questions
How to add custom booking questions

Collect additional information before your call.

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You can ask your callers up to 4 questions when they are booking a 1:1 service with you.

Add booking questions to your existing service

Go to Profile > Services > Edit a Service. You will see a new "Customization" tab.

Add booking questions when you create a new service

When you create a new service, complete a General tab with the service description, After you hit Save, you'll see a customization tab, where you can make changes to the booking questions.

By default, new questions are optional, and can be skipped. Make them required, by switching the toggle.

You can reset the questions to our default booking question - "What would you like the call to be about" -- by hitting "Reset questions" button on the bottom of the form.

To save your changes, click a "Save" button.

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