Once you've requested a brand network account and have been approved, you'll go through some simple steps to get your brand network set up.

Network Name: This should be your company or community name. This can only be edited later by emailing [email protected]

Network URL: This URL is unique to your network and will appear in all of your network members' booking screens

The Brief description of your network shows up on your network profile. This can be edited later in your dashboard.

When entering your bank account information, ensure that you use the full, legal name as it is registered with your bank. Avoid using any abbreviations or special characters. If you have trouble saving your bank information, check out this article for some common issues.

Adding Superpeers to your Network

Adding members to your network only takes a moment and only requires their email address.

Dashboard -> My Network

From here you can invite people to your network. (To ensure a high percentage of the people you invite to your network accept the invitation, it's best if they are aware of your network and have expressed interest in joining before you send them this invitation)

Something to keep in mind when choosing the percentage you keep is that this can only be edited later by emailing [email protected]

Categorizing your Network Members

Once your network has a few members registered, you can start categorizing them to help people find experts in the fields that interest them.

To add labels, click "+ Add" next to the network member's name and add as many labels as you like.

Once you have labeled your members, they will appear on your network profile page with those labels, giving people the opportunity to filter by label and find exactly who they're looking for.

Now your network is set up and you can start getting bookings.

Stay tuned for the new things to come:

Network Subscriptions

People will soon be able to subscribe to your channel for free or for a price that you determine. A subscription to your network channel will allow people to be notified of your upcoming network livestream events.

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