To create a discount code, go to Dashboard -> Discount codes and click:

First, you'll need to choose whether your discount code will be a Percentage or a Fixed amount, and the value of your discount.

Now you can choose which content the discount will apply to. You can keep it general and apply your discount to everything, or choose specific types of content, or even choose individual 1:1 services, streams or series.

You can also choose the number of times you'd like to limit the use of your discount code to, as well as the dates the discount code is active.

**Please Note** the active dates refers to the dates your user is able to use their discount code.

For example, if you choose to make a 1:1 service discount code available for the month of July, someone can use the code any time in July to book a call with you in September.

Another example, if you've created a series scheduled for September and want to offer "early bird pricing" for the first two weeks of August, you can choose August 1-14 in the active dates and this will make the discount only available during that time.

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