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How to set up 1:1 services and your availability
How to set up 1:1 services and your availability

Adding different call length, price and currency options, hiding services from your profile, and asking for details when a call is booked.

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Adding different services is a good way to give your followers options when booking a call with you. They give you control over your Superpeer profile and what services you are offering.

To create a new service, go to:

Adding a Service

Best Practices

  • Offer a few key Services - too many will overwhelm people

  • Consider offering an "accessible price" option for people who might not be able to afford your full-price service

  • Consider offering a free 15-minute introductory call, as this can lead to longer paid calls

  • Service Name: this is the service name that will appear on your Superpeer profile.

    • Best Practices

      • Services should generally be concise and focused on a specific topic; think "Woodworking Consultation" "Fundraising Consultation" etc

      • However, you can include a service like "General Mentorship" or "30-Minute Q&A"

  • Custom URL: Each service's URL will be automatically generated including your username along with the service name. If you would like to edit the URL, click "edit". All of your services require unique URLs.

  • Call duration: Here you can choose from the list of default times or set a custom time. Depending on what call length you choose, this will affect the available times in the booking window for this service. If you choose 1 hour, the available times will show up as 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc., If you choose 15 minutes, your available times will be 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, etc.

    • Keep in mind

      • Superpeer will never cut off your call if it runs overtime, but your peer might not be happy if the call ends early. So try to choose an appropriate call duration for the topic you’ll be discussing

  • Call price: Here you can choose from a list of Superpeer's supported currencies. You will still be able to receive bookings from anyone in the world, regardless of which currency you choose.

    • Best Practices

      • A general rule of thumb when setting your call price is to consider what you get paid hourly in your regular work and extrapolate from that to set your rate

  • Hide service from your profile page: If you choose to hide the service from your profile page, the only way for someone to access the service is through the custom URL. This can be a good option if you don't want a service to be generally available to people that view your profile page. For example, if you want to offer a discounted or free service to particular people.

    • Best Practice

      • Create a free hidden 1:1 Service and use it for all your work calls. This gives people initial exposure to your Superpeer page and can translate into paid 1:1 calls and new subscribers from people you're already engaging with outside of Superpeer

  • Only paid subscribers can book: this option lets you offer this 1:1 service exclusively to your paid subscribers.

    • Best Practice

    • Offer a free or discounted 1:1 service to your paid subscribers. This can encourage people to subscribe to your channel and help boost your paid subscription numbers!

Service Specific Availability

You can set specific availabilities for each service. For example, if you would like to offer free calls for a couple of hours a week but paid calls for the rest of the week.

How to set availabilities:

When creating your first service, you are obligated to create your availabilities.

  • Edit availability by checking the days you are available and choosing the start and end times.

  • You can have multiple availabilities set in one day:

    • Ex: 9am - 12pm, 2pm - 5pm

  • Buffer time: This allows you to choose to add time before or after your 1:1 calls giving you time to between each call.

    • Buffer time is automatically set to 0 minutes, so make sure to make the change if you do not want to allow back-to-back calls

  • Notice period: The notice period will set a minimum notice period for your bookings. Users won't be able to book if there is only that much time left until the call.

    • Notice period is automatically set to 16 hours

    • You can edit the notice period to choose a custom time range

  • Maximum booking period: Set a maximum booking period to prevent users from booking a call with you too far in advance.

    • Maximum booking period is automatically set to 90 days

    • You can edit maximum booking period to choose a custom time range

Creating a new service

Once you've created availabilities for previous services, you can easily use those availabilities in a new service!

  • Click the dropdown box where it says “select availability from another service” and choose the service in which you would like to copy.

**note** If you change the availability of a selected service later, the availability of this service will not be affected.

You can also add custom hours to any new service by manually choosing the days and times you are available.


Choosing unavailability will allow you to block date ranges from your booking calendar.

**important** This will apply to ALL services

Add this feature by toggling on the unavailability switch and choosing the date range in which you are not available.

You can add multiple unavailable timeframes by clicking “add date range +”.

Adding Custom Booking Questions

Once you have created your service, to add or edit booking questions, click the "..." menu of your service and choose "Edit".

By default, when someone books a call with you, they will be asked "What would you like the call to be about?". To edit or remove this question, or add up to 4 custom questions, you can do so in this menu.

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