Adding different services is a good way to give your followers options when booking a call with you. They give you control over your Superpeer profile and what services you are offering.

To get to the service menu, go to:

Profile -> Services

From here you can add and edit your services.

Adding a Service

  • Service Name: this is the service name that will appear on your Superpeer profile.

  • Custom URL: Each service's URL will be automatically generated including your username along with the service name. If you would like to edit the URL, click "edit". All of your services require unique URLs.

  • Call duration: Here you can choose from the list of default times or set a custom time. Depending on what call length you choose, this will affect the available times in the booking window for this service. If you choose 1 hour, the available times will show up as 1, 2, 3, etc., If you choose 15 minutes, the available times will be 1, 1:15, 1:30, etc.

  • Call price: Here you can choose from a list of Superpeer's supported currencies. You will still be able to receive bookings from anyone in the world, regardless of which currency you choose.

  • Service video: similar to your profile video, you have the option here of adding a video about the service you are offering.

  • Visibility: If you choose to hide the service from your profile page, the only way for someone to access the service is through the custom URL. This can be a good option if you don't want a service to be generally available to people that view your profile page. For example, if you want to offer a discounted or free service to particular people.

Adding Custom Booking Questions

Once you have created your service, to add or edit booking questions, click the "..." menu of your service and choose "Edit".

By default, when someone books a call with you, they will be asked "What would you like the call to be about?". To edit this question or add up to 4 custom questions, you can do so in this menu.

Coming Soon!!

  • Service specific availability: soon you will be able to set different availabilities for each service. For example, if you would like to offer free calls for a couple hours a week but paid calls for the rest of the week, soon you will be able to do this!

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