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Can more than one person join a call?
Can more than one person join a call?

What if my friend or colleague wants to join a call I've booked?

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Sure! If you've booked a call with a Superpeer host and want someone else to join you on the call, all you have to do is share the call link.

Where can I find the call link and how can I share it?

As soon as your call is confirmed, you will get an email like the one below:

Your call link can be found under the "Join Call" button

Before your call, make sure you share this link with anyone else who is joining the call with you.

**It's important to let the Superpeer Host know if you plan to join the call with any extra guests.**

How can I ask the host if I can invite an extra guest?

Ideally, you should include this request whenever you are booking a call.

If you are unable to add the request when booking your call, or if you have already booked the call and later decide to invite an extra guest, it's important to let the host know as soon as possible so they aren't caught off guard.

If you need to let a host know that you will be joining with an extra guest, please email [email protected] or click the blue circle in the bottom right of this screen as soon as possible so we can get in touch with the host.

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