What is a Series?

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What is a Series?

A series is a collection of events (parts) which can include livestreams, premiers, and on-demand videos.

What is a Premiere?

A Premiere is a scheduled showing of a video that the host and audience watch together while chatting at the same time.

If you can’t make it to the premiere’s scheduled time, you can watch the recording any time after the premiere has ended.

What is an On-demand?

An on-demand part is a video that you can watch as soon as you’ve registered for a series.

Will I be notified about live events?

When you register for a series, you will be notified about every event in the series by email. If you miss a live event, you can still replay the stream or premier right from the series page. You can always reach an on-demand part from the series page. If hosts reschedule a live event you will also be notified about the new date and time. Hosts can also cancel any part of their series due to specific reasons. We will also inform you if any cancellation occurs.

What is the refund policy?

At the moment, all series sales are final and non-refundable. If you miss a live event, you can still replay the stream or premier right from the series page.

Can I register after a series has started?

Series generally have a registration deadline. You can register for a series and access all the content including the recording of the live events, and will pay the same price until the registration deadline. After the deadline you will not be able to register. If there is no deadline, you can join anytime you want.

The registration cost of a series does not change automatically after live events have finished. Even if a live event is over, you will still be able to watch recordings of any live content you’ve missed.

A host may choose to change the price of their series at any time. Users who have already registered for the series will not be affected by any price changes.

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