What is a Series?

A Series is a great way to present courses, speaker series, podcasts, and any other collection of premium content you’d like to share with your audience. A series can include Livestreams, Premieres, and On-Demand videos.

You have full control over your series, including pricing, availability, and offering. Your audience only gains access to your series once they have registered and paid any fees you have set.

What is a Premiere?

Premieres let you and your viewers watch a video together, and chat in real time.

If your viewers cannot join you live at the scheduled time, the recording will be available to them any time afterwards.

What is an On-demand?

On-demand parts can be watched by your viewers as soon as they have registered for your series. All you need to do is upload your video when creating a series.

Can I cancel or reschedule a part?

As the host, you have the ability to add, cancel or reschedule parts in your series at any time.

What is the refund policy?

At the moment, all series sales are final and non-refundable. If someone in your audience misses a live event, they can replay the recording right from the series page.

Can people register after the series has started?

If you have set a registration deadline, registrations will close once the deadline has passed.

If you have not set a registration deadline, people may continue to register at the same price and gain access to all of the series content, including recordings of previous live events.

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