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What is a Series and how can I create one?
What is a Series and how can I create one?

The new way to host an event series!

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What is a Series?

A Series is a great way to present courses, speaker series, podcasts, and any other collection of premium content you’d like to share with your audience. A series can include Livestreams, Premieres, and On-Demand videos.

You have full control over your series, including pricing, availability, and offering. Your audience only gains access to your series once they have registered and paid any fees you have set.

How can I create a Series?

To create a series go to Dashboard > Series, and hit the "Create Series" button.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Title: your title should entice people to read on and find out how you will transform their lives

  • Description: Here you should give a full rundown of what someone would expect if they registered for your Series. Include a chronological summary of content: lectures, activities, exercises, Q&A, etc.

  • Cover image: Upload your own (at least 1200x675 px, and max 5MB), or choose a color and design for our auto-generated version.

Don't Forget a Video trailer!

We strongly recommend you upload a trailer video for your series. A quick video can help boost your sales a lot! Trailers should be succinct (under two minutes) and detail:

  1. the problem your Series solves

  2. how it solves the problem

  3. who will benefit from your Series

  4. what new skill they will walk away with.

Registration Settings

Your registration settings allow you to set a series start and end date if you're running a cohort-based course. This can be helpful to create a more structured and collaborative learning experience for your subscribers.

You can also set event capacity or a registration deadline for your series. This can help create urgency.

You can choose either to close registration after a certain capacity is reached or to stop accepting sign-ups on a specific date.

Series Payment Options

Superpeer gives you the ability to customize the payment for your series however you like.

Choose a subscriber type

  • All subscribers: anyone can subscribe to your channel for free and register for this series

  • Paid subscribers: anyone who pays for a monthly or annual subscription to your channel can register for this series

Choose whether you will require additional payment

  • Fixed price: set a fixed price for each subscriber level you have. For example, free subscribers can register for the series for $100, but paid subscribers can register for $50.

  • Donation: set a minimum donation amount you will accept from anyone who wants to attend the stream.

*Best Practices* Something you may want to consider is offering "Early Bird Pricing" you can do this by raising the price after a set amount of time has passed, or offering a discount code for people who register early!

Once you've created your Series, you can go ahead and start adding parts!

Check out this article to learn about Parts and how to create them!

If you're interested in learning about your Series' Analytics, check out this article!

Series FAQ

How much should I charge for my Series?

It's up to you! How much you charge will depend heavily on what you're offering, your industry, your level of expertise, and so much more.

If you're not sure where to start, email us at [email protected] and we will provide as much guidance as we can.

What is the refund policy?

Generally, all series sales are final and non-refundable.

If someone in your audience misses a live event, they can replay the recording right from the series page.

If an audience member believes they are entitled to a refund, they may contact us at [email protected] and we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.

Can people register after the series has started?

If you have set a registration deadline, registrations will close once the deadline has passed.

If you have not set a registration deadline, people may continue to register at the same price and gain access to all of the series content, including recordings of previous live events.

Have more questions about Series? Feel free to contact our helpdesk at [email protected]!

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