So you’ve requested your invite. Now what?

We generally approve invites within 1 business day, so you won’t have to wait long before you can start using your new Superpeer account.

Keep an eye out for an email from Team Superpeer with a link to create your account.

Just click the link and we’ll get you registered.

First, you’re going to need to decide on a username. Your username is like a twitter handle, and will show up in all Superpeer URLs related to you!

Pick a strong password and create your account

Now you can start filling out your Superpeer profile page.

Start with your short description. The best things to include in your short description are your professional titles, what subjects you’d like to teach people about, or any other meaningful detail about yourself. This is the first thing people see when they come to your profile page, so make sure it’s a good description of you.

In the “About You” section you should include some details about yourself; your background, what subjects you’re interested in mentoring Peers about, maybe even some links to your social media, professional or personal websites. Whatever feels right to you! Make sure you include a few keywords about what you’re offering so people can find you!

I know filming a profile video might seem daunting, but our research has shown that a short, simple video telling people about you, your background, and what you’re offering will increase your chances of getting a paid booking by at least 30%!

Next you’ll need to set up a Service.

A service is what you’re offering, this could be simply the length of time you will dedicate to a call, or it could be a specific topic you’re going to discuss on a call.

You can set up and edit as many services as you want later from your dashboard, so don’t stress if you’re not sure what to do right now.

Start by naming your service. Maybe this could be “30-minute meeting” or maybe “CV review”

In the description, give a quick rundown of what a Peer would expect if they booked this service.

Finally, choose the call duration and price. Your pricing is entirely up to you. You can base your price on what service you are offering, your level of expertise, or any number of other factors.

Next we need to set your availability.

Here you can choose time frames you’re available on any day of the week.

Keep in mind, if you connect your google calendar, any events on your calendar will block your booking calendar from accepting bookings during that time. So don’t worry about double bookings!

Finally we need to set up your notifications. You can set up your phone number if you’d like to receive notifications by SMS.

You will still get notified by email.

Now your profile is complete so you can check out your dashboard and start getting bookings!

Make sure to add your Payout information and then share your new Superpeer profile link with your network.

Welcome to Superpeer!

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