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Setting your permissions for screen sharing on a call or stream

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Before you screen-share for the first time on a Superpeer 1:1 call or Livestream, it's important to make sure you've set up your permissions correctly.

We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience on Superpeer. To learn more about our supported browsers, check out this article.

Using Safari

Using Google Chrome

For devices using MacOS

You can set your permissions after you join your call or stream, but to avoid disruptions, we recommend making sure you've set them before.

Before your call/stream

Under your System Preferences, open your Security & Privacy options.

Make sure you've clicked the lock icon to allow changes, then under Screen Recording allow access to Google Chrome.

During a call/stream

If you are joining your call or stream using Google Chrome, you will need to allow permission before screen sharing, which can cause interruptions in your call.

When you click the Screen Share button, if you haven't already allowed chrome permission to share your screen, you will get a notification asking you to Open System Preferences.

Ensure you've unlocked the window to allow changes, select Google Chrome in the list, and then unfortunately you will need to quit the browser.

Don't worry! you can re-join your call or stream using the same link as before.

Once you have allowed google chrome to share your screen, you can go ahead and screen share in your future calls and streams without any issue!

If you are joining your call or stream using Safari, you can allow permission to share your screen during your call without any interruption.

When you click the Screen Share button, you will get a notification asking you to Allow Superpeer to observe your screen.

Click "Allow" and start sharing your screen!

How do I grant browser permission for screen sharing?

For a smooth discussion without interruption, we recommend you get ready before the call or Livestream by granting access to the system for screen sharing.

For this reason, we added reminders on the event page for you to allow screen sharing.

It's straightforward. Just follow the prompts of the window that pops up on the right.

It looks like this:

Getting the error "Could not start screen sharing"?

If access is already granted, you can try deselecting and re-selecting the option again. Have more questions about screen sharing?

Reach out to us at [email protected], and we'd be happy to help!

For devices using Windows

At the moment Windows doesn't have any system-level permissions for screen access, so if you're running into problems or getting an error, double-check your browser settings or reach us at [email protected]

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