What is a "revenue share" and "network fee"

Your network fee is the % of your network member's revenue your network keeps.

For example:

Your network fee is 30%

A network member gets a call booking for $100

You keep $30 (network fee)

The member keeps $70 (revenue share)

How to update your network fee

To update your members' network fees, you will need to go to:

Scroll to the right of the page and click on the three-dot menu for the network member you'd like to update. Choose "Edit Network Fee"

In this window, you can choose a new network fee.

**Keep in mind** the network fee is how much your network keeps, so if you want your member to keep 80% of their revenue, choose 20% as your network fee.

Once you've chosen and saved a new network fee, your network member will be notified via email as well as on their Superpeer dashboard.

The network member will be asked to either approve the new network fee or send you a message. The network fee will not be updated until they approve the change.

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