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How to measure your audience engagement, retention, ratings and much more!

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Superpeer's new Analytics feature helps you track your audience engagement, retention, ratings and so much more! Paying attention to your Stream and Series analytics helps you grow your audience and make sure your content is hitting home with your subscribers.

Where can I find Stream & Series Analytics pages?

Just click on the "Analytics" button on any Stream or Series in your dashboard.

Stream & Series Part Analytics

The analytics page for any live event (Stream, Live & Premiere) you host will include the sections below, while On-Demand analytics pages will only contain an Audience Retention section. Scroll down to the next section to check out analytics for your series as a whole.


Here you can check out the statistics for your stream or series part.

**Best Practices**

Engagement: keep an eye on how many people have registered for your event vs. attended, this can give you an idea of how engaged your audience is. A low attendance rate might indicate that you should remind your audience shortly before the event, why not tweet about it a couple of times in the day leading up to your stream?

Conversion: keep an eye on your unique viewers vs. your registrations. If you're getting a lot of viewers, that means whatever you're doing to promote your event is going well! But if they're not converting to registrations, maybe there's something making people hesitant to register. Have a look at your content, timing, price, etc, and try to identify what might be stopping people from getting over the registration line.

Audience Retention

The audience retention chart shows you how your viewership went throughout your event. This can help you identify what your audience was most interested in.

**Best Practices**

If you see your audience numbers fluctuating or see a sharp drop off, check out your event recording and see what happened around those times.

User Ratings

Your user ratings can give you a good idea of how your audience felt after your event. Take their feedback into consideration and try to address any of their issues in your future live events.

Series Analytics


Your Series analytics overview is a great place to start understanding how your series is going, and to compare the performance of each of your series parts.

**Best Practices**

If some of your series parts are getting significantly lower attendance than others, try to identify the reason. Maybe the content of that part isn't hitting the right notes with your audience.


On the Registrations page, you can see a full list of people who have registered for your series, how much they've paid, their subscription status and registration date.

**Best Practices**

Keep an eye on the registration dates to see if you get more registrations after promoting your series in different ways. For example, if you tweet about your series on June 15th and get a bunch of new registrations that day, then it's a safe bet to say your tweet did its job!

Want to see something added to Superpeer's analytics or just want to chat about how it works? Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help!

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