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How to reach out to your subscribers through Superpeer's built in newsletter feature!

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It's easy to keep your Superpeer subscribers up to date with Superpeer's new Newsletter feature! Newsletters can be a great way to promote your upcoming streams and series, keep your subscribers engaged between live events, or even send your paying subscribers discount codes for 1:1 calls with you!

How to Create and Send a Newsletter

Go to the Subscriptions section of your dashboard and choose Newsletter.

First, choose the subscriber group to whom you'd like to send your newsletter. Free, paid or all of your subscribers.

Next, you can compose your newsletter. Superpeer gives you lots of tools to customize your newsletter with different fonts, colors, formatting and images.

If you really want to engage with your audience, why not customize the newsletter with their first name? To insert your subscriber's name, simply type in {{contact.FIRSTNAME}} . Don't worry if your subscriber hasn't entered their name, if that's the case we'll leave the field blank.

Choose if and how you'd like to receive replies. If you want your newsletter to be a one-way communication from you to your subscribers, choose No Reply. Or, if you'd like your subscribers to reply to you at a specific email address, you can enter it here.

Finally, send yourself a test email to see how your newsletter will look to your subscribers, then save it as a draft or send the newsletter now.

How to create newsletters for any series and streams

You can send a newsletter to all registered guests and past attendees of any Series and Streams. For each, a dedicated mailing list is created!

You can find the "Send E-mail to Registered User" and "Send E-mail to Attendees" buttons under the options menu on the Series and Stream dashboard.

Newsletter Analytics

Once your newsletter appears a sent, check out the email analytics to get a better understanding of how your audience is receiving and interacting with your content.

(It may take a couple of minutes for your newsletter to appear as "sent", refresh the page and it should update to "sent" shortly)

In the Analytics section, you can check out the following stats:

  • Recipients: the number of contacts the newsletter was sent out to

  • Delivered: the number of successfully received newsletters

  • Soft Bounced: a temporary delivery issue, such as a full inbox

  • Hard Bounced: a permanent delivery issue, such as an incorrect email address

  • Estimated Opened: the number of newsletters we can confirm opened

  • Clicked: the number of contacts who clicked a link in your newsletter

  • Unsubscribed: the number of contacts who unsubscribed from your newsletter

What are the normal stats for a newsletter?

What is considered "good" or "normal" depends greatly on the content you're providing, your specific audience, your industry, etc. Here are some average stats that you can take as a benchmark.



Hard Bounced

Soft Bounced




< 1%

< 1%

< 1%

What takeaways can you gather from these stats?

If you're sending out a lot of newsletters but getting a low open rate, you might need to work on improving your email subjects. Choose something eyecatching that draws people in. Consider using relevant emojis! πŸš€

If you're getting a low click rate, maybe people aren't seeing the link you've included or you need to work on your sales pitch to encourage them to get to the next step and click your link.

If you're getting a lot of unsubscribes, think about how often you're sending newsletters out, you don't want to overwhelm people, and think about the type of content you're providing. Make sure your content is consistent, relevant, and new.

Have more questions about Superpeer Newsletters? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to chat!

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