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What is Freemium access and what does it include?

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What is Freemium Access?

If you choose to offer freemium access to all of your subscribers, this simply means that anyone can subscribe to your channel for free, and watch your stream for free. **HOWEVER** The free viewing access they have to your stream is missing some of the features that are available to viewers with full access.

What does freemium access give my viewers?

Freemium access lets your free viewers watch your stream without interacting. If they want to do any of the following actions, they will need to upgrade their subscription or purchase a ticket to your stream.

Freemium Access

Full Access

Watch Stream



Comment or ask questions in live chat


React to other comments & questions


Raise hand


Come on stage


Can my freemium audience members upgrade their ticket later?

Absolutely! Your free viewers are welcome to register and view the stream for free, and upgrade their ticket any time during the event if they want more access.

How can you use freemium access to grow your channel?

Offering freemium access is a great way to get your viewers interested in your content and community, and sell them on upgrading to a paid subscription or ticket.

Hosting a Q&A? Offering free access can be a good way to gain more subscribers as they will need to upgrade to participate.

Doing Live Consultations? Offering free access will give your viewers a preview of what you're offering and encourage them to subscribe or buy a ticket if they want their own consultation.

How to set up Freemium access for your Streams & Series

To allow free view-only access to your stream or series, when setting the price, simply toggle on the free access option.

What will it look like?

If you've chosen to allow freemium access to your event, your registration page will have an option to "Watch for Free" alongside what this option offers.

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