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What is Freemium access and what can I do with it?
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What is Freemium Access?

If you choose to attend a livestream using freemium access, this means you will be able to watch the event as an audience member but you will be unable to interact using the features that are available to audience members with full access.

What does freemium access give me?

Freemium access lets you watch the stream without interacting. If you want to do any of the following actions, you will need to upgrade you subscription or purchase a ticket to the event.

Freemium Access

Full Access

Watch Stream



Comment or ask questions in live chat


React to other comments & questions


Raise hand


Come on stage


Am I able to upgrade my ticket during the event?

Absolutely! You are welcome to register as a freemium audience member if you're not sure you want to participate, and then upgrade your ticket during the event if you decide you'd like full access.

To upgrade your ticket, just click on the "Raise Hand" icon at the bottom of the screen, or click on the notice in the live chat. You can then choose what type of ticket or subscription you'd like to purchase.

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