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How to Estimate your Superpeer Earnings
How to Estimate your Superpeer Earnings

Using Superpeer's Earnings Calculator to Predict your Revenue!

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Superpeer's earnings calculator helps you predict your channel's revenue based on a few different variables.

First you'll want to open the earnings calculator by clicking the button below.

First, you'll need to determine your total audience number. This is the number of people in your audience (on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch, Newsletter Subs, etc.) Keep in mind if you're combining your audience numbers from multiple platforms, that you likely have some overlap, so try your best to be modest when calculating your total audience number.

Next, you'll estimate your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is the percent of your total audience you estimate will come pay for a subscription to your Superpeer channel. If you already have a Patreon or other paid subscription system, this is a great place to start your estimate. If this is your first time asking your audience to pay, it may be difficult to come up with a conversion rate. Converting free to paid can take time, unless your audience is engaged deeply in your content.

Next, you'll determine a monthly subscription price. If you're not sure what you should charge for a subscription to your Superpeer channel, check out this article for some tips.

Finally, you'll determine the average price of a 1:1 call with you, and estimate how many 1:1 calls you'll get per month. If you're not planning on offering 1:1 calls, just leave this at 0.

Play around with these numbers a bit to find your happy medium! Maybe a lower monthly subscription cost will drive a higher conversion rate! Maybe a lower 1:1 call price would lead to more calls!

Have more questions about Superpeer's earnings calculator? Reach out to us anytime at [email protected]!

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