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Discord Integration for your Superpeer Channel
Discord Integration for your Superpeer Channel

Engage with your Superpeer subscribers on Discord!

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Whether you have an existing Discord server, or you'd like to set one up for your growing Superpeer channel, you can now integrate it right from your Superpeer dashboard!

What is a Discord Server and what can I do with it?

A Discord server is a community space where you can interact with your growing community of Superpeer subscribers through text and voice chat, across as many channels as you like. Discord is completely customizable, so you're only limited by your imagination.

Want to set up a new Discord Server? Check out Discord's article "How do I create a server?"

Linking your Discord Server to your Superpeer Channel

Once you've set up your Discord server, linking it to your Superpeer channel only takes a moment.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Integrations and click on "Connect Discord" in the Discord (Host Connection) section.

From there you can log in to your Discord account and choose the server you'd like to link.

We recommend leaving all the permissions boxes selected as this will allow Superpeer to update your Discord server automatically as you gain and lose subscribers.

Create Superpeer Subscriber roles in your Discord Server

Using Discord server roles, you can give all of your subscribers access to some channels, but require paid or Superfan subscriptions to access specific channels.

Before assigning roles in your Superpeer dashboard, you'll need to add roles to your Discord server. Read Discord's article on Role Management to learn the ins and outs of roles.

  1. Log in to your Discord server

  2. Click the Server Settings menu

  3. Click the Roles tab

  4. Click the Create role button to create a new role

  5. Give your role the desired permissions and access to channels in your server (we recommend removing their ability to create invites, as this will stop them from adding additional people to your server)

Server management tips

  • Name your server roles so that they match your Superpeer subscriber levels

  • Give your paid subscribers access to exclusive channels

  • Give your Superfan subscribers access to ultra-exclusive channels, maybe even a private chat with you!

Assigning Roles to your different subscriber levels

Once you've created the roles you will assign to your different subscriber levels, it's easy to choose your Discord server role from the drop down menu next to each subscriber level.


Can I limit my Discord server to only my paid subscribers?

Sure! When setting up the Discord connection on your Superpeer dashboard, just leave the role of your free subscribers blank and this will prevent them from being added to your Discord server.

You can also opt to limit your free subscriber role to have access to only a couple channels on your discord server, or remove their permission to comment or interact. This could be a great way of keeping them up to date on any announcements you're making and encourage them to upgrade to a paid subscription. Show them what they're missing!

Can I use an existing Discord server and link it with Superpeer?

Absolutely! We recommend creating new roles on your existing server for your Superpeer subscribers. Superpeer will only add new members to your server based on these roles and will not affect anyone on your server who has joined through another platform or means.

How long will it take for the Superpeer to update Discord?

Generally, changes will happen right away, but on occasion can be slightly delayed. If you notice any issues, feel free to reach out to our help team at [email protected]

My subscribers aren't being invited to the server or aren't being assigned the correct roles.

Make sure you've enabled all permissions when connecting your Superpeer account with Discord. To update Superpeer's permissions, go to Roles in the Settings menu of your Discord channel and make sure it has access to Manage Roles, Create Invite, and Kick Members.

Want to know about how to connect your Discord account as a subscriber, and join someone else's server? Check out this article!

Have more questions about Discord and Superpeer? Feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]!

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