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How can I share my revenue with my Co-host/Speaker?
How can I share my revenue with my Co-host/Speaker?

Sharing your stream revenue

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Choosing if and how you'd like to share your stream revenue is easy and completely handled within the Superpeer platform!

You can set up revenue sharing while creating your stream, or later by editing your stream details.

**Please Note** Revenue sharing only applies to one-off paid streams. To use this feature, you need to toggle on the option to require additional payment, and set a price. Only revenue earned through ticket purchases (and not through paid subscriptions) will be shared with your co-host/speaker.

How to set up revenue sharing

First, you'll need to add a speaker when creating your stream

Once you've added your speaker/co-host, you can choose to toggle on the "Share Stream Revenue" option and add a percentage for them to keep.

**Please Note** This is a percentage revenue share of your net revenue. For example, if you set your stream ticket price to $10, the net revenue after platform and payment fees is $8.47 per ticket. If you are giving your co-host a 25% revenue share, they will keep $2.12 and you will keep $6.35 for every $10 ticket sold.

How will my Co-Host be informed of the revenue share?

Whenever you invite someone to co-host or be a speaker on a stream with you, they receive an email all about the stream including whatever revenue share % you've set, and inviting them to create their own Superpeer account.

Once the stream is over, they will be able to withdraw their payout from their dashboard just like you do!

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