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How to Launch & Promote my Superpeer Channel
How to Launch & Promote my Superpeer Channel

How can I get my audience to subscribe to my channel?

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Bringing your audience to a new platform can be challenging, so keep these tips in mind when launching your Superpeer Channel to maximize your chances of success!

Getting Ready to Launch your Superpeer Channel

💁 Complete your profile & upload an intro video!

✔️ Let your audience know what they’re signing up for

✔️ Upload a short 30 or 60 second video about your channel

✔️ Add your social media links to your profile

🗓️ Plan out your content for the next few weeks

✔️ Schedule at least 3-5 upcoming streams

✔️ Give yourself at least a week before your first stream

🤔 Create a content strategy

✔️ Offer your first livestream for free

✔️ Use free streams to build your audience of free subscribers

✔️ Your free streams should leave your audience wanting more

✔️ Cover unfinished topics/go into detail in your paid streams

✔️ Consider enabling freemium on some streams, to allow free viewing but paid interaction

💸 Set up your subscription options

✔️ Base your price on the type and frequency of your content

✔️ Consider your target audience when setting your price

✔️ Consider integrating Discord to add more benefits for your subscribers

Launching your Superpeer Channel

📣 Promote your first free stream across all of your channels

📺 Talk about your Superpeer channel in at least a few Youtube videos and/or livestreams

✔️ Emphasize the fact your audience will get to know you better

✔️ Talk about the community you’re building

🔗 Add your Superpeer URL everywhere that counts!

✔️ Social media bios

✔️ Video descriptions

✔️ Email signatures

🤳 Post about it!

✔️ Post on all your social media channels

✔️ Post a few instagram stories leading up to your stream date

🗞️ Send out a Newsletter!

✔️ Personally invite everyone on your list to your livestream

✔️ Send out a last minute reminder to register for your stream

📄 Create a landing page on your website all about your Superpeer channel

✔️ Answer all of your audience’s questions about your channel

💸 Consider offering a discount to your early subscribers

✔️ Create a discount code for a % off your subscription price for a month or two, and share it with your audience!

Hosting your Stream

🕰️ Be mindful of the time

✔️ Show up a few minutes early for your stream

✔️ Let your audience know if you think you’re going to go over the time you scheduled

👋 Engage with your audience

✔️ Start chatting with your audience in the live chat before going live

✔️ Check the live chat and answer your audience frequently throughout the stream

✔️ Ask for audience feedback on the type of content they want to see

✔️ Bring people up on stage for deeper conversations

💸 Promote your channel & next streams

✔️ Let people know what’s coming up on your channel

✔️ Encourage people to purchase a paid subscription to attend your next stream

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