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Changing your Subscription Currency and Price
Changing your Subscription Currency and Price

How to set up your subscription service in your local currency

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Superpeer now lets you customize the currency for your paid subscription service! This means, when someone subscribes to your Superpeer channel, they will pay the amount you select in the currency of your choice.

How do I set my Subscription Currency?

In the Subscription Settings section of your dashboard, click (Change) and select your new currency.

**Please Note**

When you are setting your subscription price, it must be a minimum of $1 USD if your subscription currency is USD. If you choose to change your subscription currency, the minimum subscription price must be equal or greater than the equivalent of $2 USD.

What will happen to my existing paid subscribers?

To successfully update your subscription currency, all of your paid subscribers will be unsubscribed at the end of their current billing period. If they wish to re-subscribe to your Superpeer channel using the new currency, they can do so after their current billing period is over.

What other impacts does changing my subscription currency have?

  • The price of any event you have scheduled or hosted will be converted to your new currency of choice using the current exchange rate.

  • If you have any subscriber-only 1:1 services, they will now be available for anyone to book. You can change this setting back to subscriber-only by editing your 1:1 service in the Services section of your dashboard.

Will I receive my payouts in my selected currency?

Superpeer still holds your account balance in USD, which is converted back to your currency of choice at the time of withdrawal.

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