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Watch YouTube videos with your audience, LIVE!

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You can now watch YouTube videos live with your audience!

When you go live, you can easily share music, videos and content with your audience. Rather than simply sharing your screen, you can get better quality from sharing a Youtube video directly through our Watch Together feature.

How does it work?

Share a Youtube video with your audience by clicking the share arrow at the bottom of your screen.

Choose the "Play a Youtube video" option and paste the Youtube URL in this section.

**Keep in mind**

Your audience will watch the Youtube video with the same 10 second delay as your usual streams.

To learn more about the 10 second delay, please read this article.

Can I play videos from other video platforms?

At the moment, Superpeer only supports YouTube videos. Let us know if there's another video platform you'd like to see Superpeer support!

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