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Zapier Integration to automate your Superpeer account
Zapier Integration to automate your Superpeer account
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First of all, what is Zapier and how does it work?

Zapier is an automation platform that connects your work apps and does repetitive tasks for you. Zapier does it by connecting your apps and then moving information between them based on the rules you set. Zapier has more than 4000+ apps that you can connect together to automate tasks. Here you can see the directory of Zapier apps.

What is Superpeer Zapier Integration?

Here you can see Superpeer's Official Zapier Integration. It's a verified app by Zapier and in Beta right now. You can use this app to do things on other apps when something important happens on your Superpeer account.

What are the actions that Superpeer supports?

We currently support booking, streams, series, and subscription actions. Some of the actions we support:

  • Bookings

    • Call scheduled

    • Call rescheduled

    • Call cancelled

    • Call ended

  • Streams

    • Streams published

    • Someone registered

    • Stream ended

  • Series

    • Series published

    • Someone registered

  • Subscriptions

    • Someone subscribed (free or paid)

    • Subscription renewed

    • Someone unsubscribed

  • Payouts

    • Funds available

    • Funds withdrawn

What are the things I can automate?

You can create a Zap using Superpeer Zapier and select any of the above actions as the trigger. Then, you can select any of the 4000+ Zapier apps to do almost anything! Some of the things that can give you an idea

  • Send a custom Typeform when someone creates a booking with you

  • Send a custom Google Docs link when someone creates a booking with you

  • Send an email to the user to complete a testimonial Google Form after a booking ends

  • Send a message to your Slack channel when a Superpeer call is created, cancelled, rescheduled, or ended.

  • Send a custom welcome email using your Gmail when someone becomes a paid subscriber to your Superpeer channel

  • Send an email using your Gmail to offer a discount code when a paid user unsubscribed from your channel

  • Send an email using your Gmail to thank someone who purchases your stream/series

These are a couple of things that we can think of right away, but you got the idea. There are a ton of other possibilities; go and explore them!

How does it work?

Step 1: Create your API Key

To create a zap using the Superpeer app, first, you need to create your API Key to authorize your Superpeer account to Zapier. Go to the Integration Settings page on Superpeer and click the "Get your API Key" button on the Zapier integration box.

Screenshot of Superpeer Integrations Settings page showing Zapier integration

This will show your unique User ID on Superpeer and create you an API Key.

Step 2: Set up Zap

Go to your Zapier dashboard and click "Create Zap" button. Search for "Superpeer" using the "Search for apps" input and select it.

Step 3: Choose the events you would like to trigger

Choose any of the events from the "Events" input then click "Continue".

Step 4: Sign in to connect Superpeer

At this point, you should see "Connect Superpeer" section and a "Sign In" button.

Clicking the "Sign In" button will open a modal to enter your Superpeer User ID and API Key then click the "Yes, Continue" button.

Step 5: Test Zap

At this point, Zapier will connect to Superpeer to verify your account and you should see your Superpeer username in the accounts section.

Click "Continue" to go to "Test trigger" step.

Clicking the "Test trigger" button should show you sample booking data to help you see the fields you can use in the next step.

Congratulations, you have just connected your Superpeer account to Zapier and there are 4000+ applications waiting for you to automate πŸŽ‰

We hope you will find our Zapier app useful and let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or event suggestions.

Happy automating πŸ™Œ

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