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Set up your community page and start building your tribe!

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With our new community feature, you can easily keep your followers updated on your latest announcements and events. Plus, use Superpeer as a social platform to directly engage with your subscribers.

Getting Started

To begin creating your community page, click on your public profile on the top left corner of your platform.

In your public profile, click on the community tab. Then click create community to get started!

Once this is done, you will now have this tab permanently on your profile page for your followers and subscribers to use.

Creating a post

You can create a post by adding text, images and/or files in the space that says "write something..."

Your community can then interact and comment on your posts! You also have the option to pin a post to the top of your feed.

When creating your post, you can expand the text box in order to give you more options. To do so, click on the arrows in the top right corner of your post. You will have the options to change text color, add bullet points, underline your text etc.

Posts can be deleted by clicking on the 3 small dots "..." on the top right corner of your post and clicking on delete post.

You subscribers can add comments, likes, replies and reactions to your posts. This is a great way to stay engaged with your community members!

An unpaid subscriber visiting your Superpeer profile can see your public posts, but they need to subscribe to your channel to add comments, likes, and replies.

Who can see my posts?

You can choose whether this post will be viewed by the public, all your subscribers or paid subscribers only.

You can choose who will see your post by clicking on the dropdown list on the top left corner.

A person visiting your profile who is not a paid subscriber will see a blurred version of your private posts. If unpaid community members would like to access these posts, they will be redirected to subscribe as a paid member. This is a great way to convert unpaid subscribers to paid subscribers!

You can view your community members by clicking on the "members" tab. When someone subscribes to your channel, they will automatically be added as a member.

Where else can I share my posts?

Not only can you share your posts to your community, but they can also be shared through Social Media.

To share a post on your Social Media, click the share icon on the bottom right corner of the post and choose where you would like to share it! You will also have the option to simply copy the post link and share it wherever you'd like.

Automatic Posts

Our Superpeer bot can automate posting for you, so you don't have to worry about posting your Live Streams and important news!

What can be automated?

  • When a new Live Stream is published

  • When a new Series is published

  • Upcoming Parts

    • Please not this will publish 3 days in advance

  • When a Stream recording is published

  • When a live Part/Stream recording is published

Your subscribers can see and access your upcoming streams and series by clicking on the "Calendar" tab in the community section.

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