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Send automatic messages to Discord channels.
Send automatic messages to Discord channels.

How to set-up automatic updates to your community, by sending messages to Discord channels.

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How to communicate to your community what you're up to efficiently?

-> Send automatic update messages to your Discord channels.

With this feature, you can trigger automatic messages to the Discord channels of your choice.

What kind of messages will your community see?

1. News announcements such as you

  • scheduled a Livestream or Series

  • created a new service

  • published a recorded live event (Livestream, Live part, Premiere) on your profile.

2. 24 hours reminders for

  • Livestream.

  • Premiere

  • On-Demand

Here's an example of a new Service announcement.

How do I activate automatic messages to the Discord channels?

It's straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to your Dashboard

  • Click on Settings on the left menu

  • Click on the Integrations tab

  • Scroll down to the Discord server

If you don't have a Discord server set up yet, or haven't connected your server to your channel, you need to do that first. (You can read about Discord integration here.)

If you do, your page looks similar to the picture above.

Under the red Disconnect button, click on "Manage Auto Messages," which will help you automate the messages you send out, as the name cleverly suggests!

Activate the option and choose the channel you want for communicating your news, as illustrated below.

Activate the option

Choose the channel

A confirmation message will let you know you're all set; look to the top-right corner for a success message.

Congratulations, your community will be informed about what is coming up and what you're up to without extra work. So create your content, update your Superpeer channel and let the automation do its magic!

I don't have Discord channels.

By default, when you create a Discord server, you have two built-in channels.

So if instead of a success message, you have the following; you need to set up your server.

Don't let it be an obstacle. Creating channels on Discord is easy and will help you manage your community, choose what to send to who, and more.

So, create your server (see how here ) and follow the process again to automate your messages and instantly inform your community about the excellent content you're preparing for them!

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