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Notification System for Community, Calls, Events, and Subscriptions
Notification System for Community, Calls, Events, and Subscriptions

Manage and set up all your notifications

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Where do I access my notifications?

Your notifications are accessible from your Dashboard.

The bell is where you click to access your notifications.

Can I filter my notifications?

Yes, you can filter your notifications.

You decide whether to see "All notifications" or only "Unread."

With the filter, you decide which categories of notifications you want to see by selecting one of the following categories.

  • Community

  • Calls

  • Messages

  • Events

  • Subscription

Which events get notified on my Superpeer page?

We want you to interact smoothly with your subscribers and keep the activity flowing.

Therefore, you will receive notifications linked to your subscribers' activity. You can see the complete list and set up the desired notification system in your Notification Settings.

How do I receive and set up notifications?

If you decide to keep notifications activated in your settings, you can receive notifications by:

  • Push ( bells on your Dashboard and profile)

  • Text message

  • Email.

You can click "Settings" from your Dashboard on the left menu to monitor your notifications.

Check or uncheck the options to personalize your notification system!

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