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(If you’d like to be a beta user for this feature, let us know by sending us an email [email protected] )

Can I change the Layout of my screen?

Yes, you have the choice between multiple layouts.

So, choose the one that fits you the best by clicking on the layout options below the screen.

It’s a slight touch that makes the difference.

Can I do tests before going live?

Absolutely. Preparation is crucial, and before going live for your call or your stream, you need to fine-tune multiple things, for example::

  • settings,

  • your camera,

  • how you appear on the screen,

  • your microphone

  • how you sound

  • how’s the light around you

  • talk with co-hosts

  • and so on.

We have designed a backstage feature for you to get ready and approach your event confidently.

It is precisely what it sounds like, a backstage😊

This is your place to get ready before any live, like a pro going on stage (minus the make-up artists making sure your skin will look good )

How can I access Backstage?

You can access backstage from your Dashboard without starting the event. That’s a great way to get familiar with the backstage.

How can I bring or remove people on stage?

During your live event, you can quickly bring people on stage.

It’s straightforward. Below your stage screen, you have the video thumbnails.

  • Hover on the thumbnail screen of the person you wish to bring on

  • Click Show on the screen

  • voila!

Congrats! You successfully gave someone in your audience an appearance on your stage.

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