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How do I categorize my 1:1 Services for Skillshare?
How do I categorize my 1:1 Services for Skillshare?

Learn how to categorize your 1:1 Services, part of the work we're doing to make Superpeer content visible on Skillshare.

Written by Jen Hutton
Updated over a week ago

As a Superpeer host, you will soon be able to grow your reach and make your 1:1 Services available on Skillshare. We will be rolling out the capability to connect your Superpeer and Skillshare accounts in early June 2024; more information to follow.

Keep in mind all 1-on-1 offerings must follow our Skillshare 1-on-1 Sessions and Live Sessions Content Guidelines.

On Skillshare, we are rolling out a new and improved classification system for content. These changes are designed to refine our browse experience, introducing more precise categories and additional dimensions that enhance both the findability and discoverability of classes and 1-on-1s across Skillshare. We expect 1-on-1 Sessions to be visible in Skillshare search later in 2024.

For each new 1-on-1 service you set up on Superpeer, you’ll be asked to:

  • Select a Session Type. Read more about Session Types in the Skillshare Help Center.

  • Select the Primary expertise and Relevant discipline (up to 2) for your session.

  • Optional: You may add a Secondary expertise and associated Relevant disciplines if your session covers more than one.

Your selections will surface additional Relevant topics which you can select to further enhance your 1-on-1 Session’s discoverability on Skillshare. You can choose up to 7 topics.

You’re required to add a Session Type, Primary expertise, and at least one Relevant discipline to your session if you want it to appear on Skillshare.

You can edit the classification on your 1-on-1 Sessions any time by signing in to your Superpeer account and editing the selections on the specific service.

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