Creating a Stream

To create a livestream go to Dashboard > Streams, and hit the "Create Stream" button.

Fill in a few fields:

  • Stream name

  • Custom URL - automatically generated, but editable. This will become your stream registration page for your audience

  • Description

  • Start Date & Time - you can schedule it within minutes from your current time

  • Duration - declared stream duration can be up to 5 hours. You can always go over your scheduled time [we will not cut it off automatically], or finish it earlier if you wish.

  • Cover photo - upload yours -- at least 1200x675 px, and max 5MB --, or use our auto-generated version

  • Guests - you can add guests and co-hosts when scheduling your livestream. Keep in mind that you can't have more than 6 additional guests/co-hosts on your livestream at any given time

  • Maximum number of viewers - use it for exclusive events, if you want to limit the number of people who can attend. By default, there is no limitation to the number of viewers.

Stream types

Superpeer gives you 2 types of streams to choose from:

Public (Free Subscription)

Anyone can register and watch your stream. Your subscribers will be notified of the stream by email.

Paid Subscribers Only

People will need a paid subscription to your channel to watch this stream. Your subscribers will be notified of the stream by email.

Saving your stream

Once you're ready to save your event, you have 2 options:

  1. Publish - published streams are visible on your profile page, and users can register. We will also automatically send an email to all of your subscribers with the stream information, and registration link. You can edit details of a published stream later, but you won't be able to change the start date and time.

  2. Save as Draft - it will save your livestream so you can come back to it later. It's not visible on your profile page, and therefore registration is not open. You can change all details, including the date and time.

Your published streams, as well as drafts, will appear under Dashboard > Streams > Scheduled.

Cancelling a stream

If you need to cancel a stream (under a 3-dot menu), we will notify everyone who registered about the cancellation (you can add a personal message as well!)

Editing stream details

If your stream is published, you can edit the stream description (just hit the "Edit" button), but you're not currently able to change the start date and time. You can edit all fields in the unpublished streams.


Now you can share the link to your livestream's landing page and get your audience registered.

See who registered

Once you start getting registrations, you can hit the "Details" button to see a list of people who are registered to your stream.

Dashboard > Streams > Scheduled > "Details" button

Remember, that for paid events 50% attendance rate is considered average, so plan on half of the registered people to show up.

Also, check out our article on Hosting your First Livestream.

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