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Streaming to Superpeer via Zoom
Streaming to Superpeer via Zoom
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Superpeer is the best platform to have an engaging live stream with your audience in just a few clicks. All you need to do is create a Superpeer stream from your dashboard and then start the stream. You don't need to install anything or set up streaming tools. It's all in your browser and comes with our amazing UI.

Using our Zoom integration, Superpeer allows you to have your 1:1 calls with Zoom. If you prefer using Zoom for your livestreams, you can do that too! Here you can find step by step list to do your streams using Zoom.

Note: If you want to use Zoom for live streaming, you need to have a Pro Zoom account.

Enabling Live Streaming on Zoom Account Settings

  • Search for "stream" in settings

  • Turn on "Allow livestreaming of meetings"

  • Click "Enable"

  • Zoom allows you to stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch by default

  • But for now, we just want to stream to Superpeer streaming servers which is done by checking "Custom Live Streaming Service", and clicking "Save."

  • That's all you need to do in Zoom Account Settings.

How to go Live using Zoom?

  • At this point, we assume you have already created your Superpeer stream. You can always refer to our help article.

  • Now, simly create a Zoom meeting, and you will see an additional "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service" option under the "More" menu option.

  • Clicking on this option will open a new browser window asking you to enter Streaming URL, Streaming Key, and Live streaming page URL.

  • To fill this form, you will need to go to your Superpeer dashboard and click the ellipsis menu on stream card and select "Streaming setup"

  • This will show you a modal with your Streaming URL and Streaming Key.

  • Copy and paste the stream key and URL to the previous Zoom form and click "Copy link" on the above stream card, and paste it to the "Live streaming page URL" input.

  • Then we should be ready to click the "Go Live!" button.

  • And you should be seeing "Preparing to live stream the meeting" progress bar it should automatically open the "Live streaming page URL" we set above to give you the preview of your stream. Zoom will also show "Live" badge to everyone on the meeting.

Well, that's it! You are simply using Zoom to live stream your meeting to our streaming servers.

A few things to note:

  • Since you are streaming to our streaming servers, shortly after you end streaming on Zoom, you will see the recording on your Superpeer stream page.

  • You can invite guests to your Zoom meeting, and they will also be in your stream with you.

  • To take full control of your live streams, we suggest giving OBS a try. You can read more here to do streams using OBS.

At Superpeer, our mission is to give you the best tools to let you engage your audience in the most fun way. That's why we are constantly working on our streaming experience and trying to give more options.

Happy streaming!

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