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How can I receive payments through Superpeer?
How can I receive payments through Superpeer?

How to link your bank account to your Superpeer profile.

Written by Jen Hutton
Updated over a week ago

As a host, you'll need to connect a bank account to Superpeer's payout provider to receive payments from your followers for services.

  1. Check to make sure your bank account is registered in a country we support. Refer to our article What countries does Superpeer support? for the full list.

  2. Log in to your Superpeer account.

  3. Select Payment in the left hand navigation, and then click the Payout tab.

  4. Click Connect your bank account.

  5. Enter the details for your bank account — all fields are required!

  6. Click Save.

Refer to our FAQ, What if my bank account information won’t save?, if you’re having trouble linking your account. Or reach out to at [email protected] for assistance.

Get familiar with how we handle host payments on Superpeer:

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