What is the fee structure?
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Superpeer has no monthly fees or any other recurring fees — we make money only when you make money.

If you use Superpeer to host free events and calls — you never have to pay.

Beginning on March 25, 2024, when you introduce paid streams, series, or 1:1s, or turn on subscriptions, we apply the following fees:

  • 10% platform fee to the full amount charged for any service, before any processing fees or other fees are deducted.

    • Exception: For 1:1 Calls occurring on or after April 1, 2024, we apply this fee only to the first $2,000 USD you earn each month. Any earnings from 1:1s exceeding $2,000 USD in a month will not incur a platform fee; we’ll credit this fee back to your account at the end of each month. Review What is the payout process? to learn more about when and how you receive payment.

  • 2.9% + $0.30 credit card processing fee charged on all payments by our payment provider Stripe.

The rest is yours and is accumulated in your account until you decide to withdraw. When you withdraw your earnings, you will be charged by Wise an additional small withdrawal fee (usually ~$1 for USD accounts).

You can always see a price breakdown and all the fees when you set up prices for calls, services, or series in your dashboard.

If you charge in non-USD

When your prices are in currencies other than USD, they are first converted to USD, and fees are calculated from that converted amount. That’s why the amounts you’ll see in your balance will be slightly different, depending on daily exchange rate fluctuation.

Tip: You can save on withdrawal fees if you make less frequent and larger withdrawals from your account.

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