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FAQ for Superpeer Hosts
What is Superpeer and how does it work?
What is Superpeer and how does it work?

How to start your side-hustle on Superpeer!

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Superpeer is a platform powered by Skillshare that puts authentic connection at the forefront of the user experience. People can stream live to an audience, build classes for people to purchase, or hold one-on-one video calls – but no matter what they're doing, they can engage with others face-to-face, share with each other, and experience things together. It's the perfect place for anyone who is tired of the one-way street that most of social media and content creation has become.

Superpeer takes care of scheduling and payments, protecting your privacy so that you don’t have to worry about any of it. You can simply set up your profile, and start connecting with your followers.

Who is Superpeer for?

Superpeer is for people who have a skill to teach, passion to share or an audience to connect with.

Do I need a lot of followers?

Not necessarily! Depending on what you're doing with your Superpeer account, you can still find a lot of success with a small following. Superpeer is optimized for authentic connections, not likes and shares.

How do I get started?

First, set up your Superpeer profile. Provide a short introduction video, a bio, and your payout information.

Next, figure out what you're going to offer. Determine what type and style of content works best for you; 1:1 calls, channel subscriptions, paid livestreams, series, etc.

Finally, share your Superpeer profile link with your followers. Your followers can then book video calls with you, attend your livestreams, or subscribe to your channel!

What can I offer and what should I charge??

Superpeer offers 3 main services but gives you the ability to customize exactly what you offer. The exact amount you decide to charge for any of these service is up to you, but we give you the tools you need to charge people exactly what you feel your services and content are worth.

1:1 Calls

If you choose to make yourself available for 1:1 calls, you can set up as many services as you'd like. Customize the call length, topic, pricing, visibility and availability. You can even sync your google calendar to avoid double bookings.

For Example; set up a couple different call services at different lengths and price points to give your audience some flexibility. You can even set up a hidden free service and use that link for any personal or professional calls.


If you're interested in hosting livestreams, you can schedule these as often as you'd like. You can invite guest speakers and co-hosts, invite audience members on stage, share your screen, or answer their questions in the live chat.

How do stream payment options work?

We give you the choice of subscription requirement and price when deciding what to charge for your stream. These are a few of our most popular settings:

  • Free for Everyone: This is a great option if you're just starting out or if you want to promote your 1:1 call services or an upcoming series.

  • Free for Paid Subscribers but Ticketed for everyone else: This is a great option if you want to encourage people to pay for a subscription to your channel, but keep your stream available for one time purchases.

  • Paid Subscriber Only: This is a good option if you've got an audience of subscribers and want your livestream to be an exclusive community event. This can also encourage your unpaid subscribers to upgrade their subscription.

  • Ticketed: This is a good option if you want to charge a set price for anyone who wants to attend your stream.

  • Donations: This is a good option if you want to accept a minimum donation, or give your audience the option of making a donation.


A Series is a great way to present courses, speaker series, podcasts, and any other collection of premium content you’d like to share with your audience. A series can include Livestreams, Premieres, and On-Demand videos.

If you'd like to host a Series, you can design it however you like. Add as many parts as you like, decide whether you'll offer live content or on-demand, choose how you will accept payment, etc.

Channel Subscriptions

Channel subscriptions work in conjunction with your streams & series. This is a way for your supporters to pay a monthly or annual subscription amount in exchange for access to your content.

How will people find my Superpeer profile?

Our platform is young, so we haven't enabled discoverability yet. This is actually part of why we're looking for people like you! To grow the platform and fill up the marketplace ahead of the launch of discoverability.

For ideas on how to get promote your channel and get more bookings/subscriptions, check out this article!

What's the time commitment?

You can put as little or as much time as you want into the platform. However, to continually grow your audience and find success with Superpeer, we recommend planning at least one or two pieces of content every week or two on the platform – which, ideally, you'd want to promote on your other channels.

Do I need any software?

There is no software that needs to be installed. Everything is web-based.

What makes Superpeer different than YouTube, Twitch, Zoom and other platforms?

You can bring members of your audience on stage with you (for instance, when they're asking a question) for more authentic engagement. People can also post and upvote questions so the best questions float to the top. Everything can be handled in the platform from start to end: payments, the stream itself, emails to registered individuals, etc. Additionally, you can also repackage and repurpose your live content for on-demand viewing and drive people to book 1:1 services – which are also all housed in the same platform.

Want to chat more? Feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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